Announcement regarding Tari World Roadmap Hello, Tari World community. On November 15, 2023, Tari World announced a new roadmap. In the existing roadmap, alpha tests of the marketplace and metaverse were scheduled for the third and fourth quarters of 2023. Nov 16, 2023
Tariworld Whitepaper and Roadmap Update TARI Marketplace will be launched at the end of 23. Tari World’s marketplace will be a unique NFT cultural community that goes beyond a simple NFT exchange. Nov 15, 2023
Tari World Telegram Channel Relocation Notice Hello, Tari World community. A new Telegram community has been opened. All posts from the old community have also been moved to the new channel. Nov 10, 2023
타리월드 🌏 랜드 NFT 스테이킹 서비스 오픈 ! 오래 기다리셨습니다! TARIWORLD LAND NFT 스테이킹 서비스가 여러분들의 많은 관심에 힘입어 14일 오픈합니다!! Apr 13, 2023
타리월드 아시아 랜드 리빌 일정 타리월드 1차 랜드 세일 이후 판매된 아시아랜드 nft의 등급이 3월 6일 월요일 오후 4시에 공개됩니다. Mar 6, 2023
타리월드 그랜드 랜드 NFT 청약 민팅 일정 “Attention! Attention! 오늘 저녁 7시 30분 시작되는 타리월드 그랜드 랜드 NFT(아시아) 런치패드에 대해 안내드립니다” Feb 1, 2023
Token Economy
Real Estate NFT
Tari World metaverse platform specialized in real estate enables
the user to trade the ownership of land, including land NFT.

Tari World interiorizes the concept of LBM (Local Based Metaverse), and real estate NFT of the Tari World includes modeling and rendering on specific, natural landscapes based on Google Maps and selling authentic NFTs rather than offering geometric buildings that do not exist in the real world. According to the trend of Generation MZ, most metaverse users can set up the meeting at the attractive local place or trendy shops as virtual avatars on behalf of the real world. Make sure to buy lands in one of our upcoming land sales and create your paradise in Tari World!
Buy Land Google Map
  • An adorable small village
    in Europe
  • A vibrant metropolis
  • An exuberant new City
Full view
Residential building
Inside view
Token Economy
My Building
The users who purchased real estate NFT will be offered the services depending on the purchase number and grades. Fundamentally the users will have their own spaces when they decide to acquire and pay for NFT. They are encouraged to purchase the items of Tari World in TARI WORLD Room Service Marketplace such as furniture, flooring, wallpaper, or other interactive objects, and to arrange those items in their spaces for sophistication.
Table 04
Chair 02
Token Economy
TARI NFT Marketplace
no. 01
Wooden shelf
  • 800
no. 02
Happy plant
  • 300
no. 03
Modern table
  • 900
no. 04
TV stand
  • 600
no. 05
Vintage lamp
  • 550
no. 06
Side table
  • 250
no. 07
  • 700
no. 08
Trash can
  • 200
no. 09
  • 520
no. 10
Latest laptop
  • 520
no. 11
Extendable table
  • 1,000
no. 12
Wooden shelf
  • 990
Business Info
Business Structure
This is a structure as an action itself participating in the ecosystem
in metaverse platform like Youtube streaming.
Media advertisement based on big data offered by the company and
profits from the ecosystem participants' advertisement watching
enables a profitable inflow by using banner exposure to the public
and providing insensitive personal information.
You can earn the additional revenue-generated structure background.
This is a flowchart about TARI WORLD matching technology, real purchase expense
of TARI token, experience technology fusion finance and DB business.
Business Info
Token operation: Tari World will allow people currently to characterize their real identities due to cultural norms
in their physical environment to flourish and showcase their individuality online. Dismantling physical barriers
will create a positive feedback loop that will propel the entire metaverse.
TARI, TARI WORLD metaverse’s native token, is a critical currency for the ecosystem.

Users can participate in various economic activities and use various service features by using the token.
Business Info
Road Map
1st Quarter of 2024
  • Introduction of NFT Creator Services
  • Expansion of Partner Companies
  • Opening of TARI Point Market
3rd Quarter of 2024
  • Preregistration for Creators, Influencers, and More
  • Preregistration for Partner Companies and Corporate Branding Buildings
  • Sale of Land NFTs in South America
4th Quarter of 2023
  • Launch of TARI WORLD Marketplace
  • Inaugural Free Meeting to Celebrate Marketplace Launch
2nd Quarter of 2024
  • Support for Klip Token Swapping
  • Expansion of the TARI Community
  • Token Swapping Feature Launch within the Marketplace
4th Quarter of 2024
  • TARI WORLD Metaverse Focus Group Testing
  • Sale of Land NFTs in Africa
Our Team
CEO Yang Hyoseon
  • General Director at Oceanbridge ENT Inc.
  • Committee of Korea Ministry of Culture&Tourism
CTO Kwon Kihu
  • Tech PM at NCSoft Inc.
  • Team Leader of stove platform client team at Smilegate ENT Inc.
  • Team Leader of global technical support team at Wemade Inc.
COO Jeon Yonghwan
  • Team Leader of Sketch Lab Inc.
  • Design Leader at Innospeech Inc.
  • App Designer at LG SmartGrid project
TL Kim Hyangsu
  • Developer at NCSoft, Rising Games, and Rocket Mobile Inc.
  • Network Manager at A&T Information & Communication
Our Partners
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